* NEW inverter heat pumps successfully launch in the middle of July, 2016

Addtime:2016/7/9    Times:4115
The first inverter air to water heat pump was developed for one Europe customer in 2012. HISEER have devoted years of hard working to improve the inverter system by the continuously follow the sample heat pumps’ reaction which located mostly in the cold area of China.
Finally, we decide to launch the inverter heat pumps, the fist show will be CHILLVENTA 2016.
There are 3 series inverter heat pumps:
1.Inverter air to water heat pump: AS07V, AS10V, AS15V are all monobloc design make it easy for DIY installation.
2.Inverter+EVI air to water heat pump: AS12V/LF AS15V/LF are split design, saving energy for cold winter area.
3.Inverter ground source heat pump: GS10V-QPVHE, both side circulation water pumps, 3 way revert valve and electric heater are internal installed, saving the installation area.
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