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Heat pumps, EVI heat pumps, Inverter heat pumps

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air-water heat pump, air/water heat pump manufacturer
Short Description:
1.13.29kw heat output at 7/35℃
2.application temperature from -10℃ to +35℃
3.heating only&domestic hot water

 Hiseer ErP ready air-water heat pump approved by TUV with world famous parts:

Hiseer ErP ready air-water heat pump AS12S-QNNNE main parts


Hiseer ErP ready air-water heat pump features:

1.Eco designed, meeting EU ErP regulation, achieving A+ energy class.

2.EC energy saving fan motors. The speed of fan varies so only the required amount of air is utilized. The blades are specially designed to move as much air as possible at the lowest noise level.

3. Timer ON/OFF.

4. Varied heat curve. Controlled water temperature varies according to ambient temperature.

5. Most components are well sealed to retain heat and prevent dripping.

Hiseer ErP ready air-water heat pump details pictures:

Hiseer ErP ready air-water heat pump AS12S-QNNNE pictures


Hiseer ErP ready air-water heat pump dimension:

Hiseer ErP ready air-water heat pump AS12S-QNNNE dimension



Hiseer ErP ready air-water heat pump typical installation:

Hiseer ErP ready air-water heat pump AS12S-QNNNE typical installation


Hiseer ErP ready air-water heat pump technical data:

Hiseer ErP ready air-water heat pump AS09S-AS20S technical data


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