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Modular HISEER geothermal ground source heat pumps

To heat (or cool) your home with geothermal energy you need a heat pump unit (In the same way that your fridge uses refrigerant to extract heat from the inside, keeping a ground source heat pump extracts heat from the ground, and uses it to heat your home or business.), a loop of refrigerant filled piping buried outside, ductwork inside, a circulating pump, and other mechanical and electrical items which complete the system. Though initially expensive, ground source heat pumps are very cheap to run and maintain, and they are also very efficient and environmentally friendly.

HISEER commercial water to water heat pump, GSWW60-DNNNS, geothermal ground source heat pump is a electrically powered system that takes advantage of the earth’s constant ground temperature to provide heating, cooling and hot water for your home or business.

HISEER commercial ground source heat pump , can be easily connected together for any size heating & cooling system at the project spot. Maximum 64 units can be worked together for the largest 3840KW output capacity.

HISEER geothermal ground source heat pump, designed by European standard EN 14511, approved by TUV with its high efficiency.

HISEER commercial ground source heat pump applies with the following world famous parts

HISEER commercial ground source heat pump applies with the following world famous parts:

Siemens controller

SWEP or GEA plate heat exchanger

Daikin or Hitachi scroll compressor

Schneider electronic parts

Emersion expansion valve

Emersion dry filter

Honeywell R410a refrigeration

Wilo or Grundfos water pump is option

Honeywell 3 way revert valve is option


HISEER commercial ground source heat pump ADVANTAGES

Suitable for the coldest winter area

The most high efficiency heat pump

Maintenance free

Indoor side installation

No noise level to disturb your neighbor

Reducing your carbon emission

Enjoying your green life by installing HISEER heat pumps

Reducing your heating and cooling bill with high efficiency HISEER heat pumps


Products Detail


GSWW installation

GSWW installation

GSWW60 technical data


Heat pump Type GSWW60
Dimensions,weights,connection dimensions
Dimensions HxWxD 1620x550X1250
Weight kg 420
Refrigerant Type R407C
Filling weight kg 10
Permissible operating pressure Mpa 3
Pipe connector-hot side Inch G4”
Pipe connector-cold side Inch G4”
Evaporator Type Brazed plate heat exchanger
Condenser Type Brazed plate heat exchanger
Compressor   4xScroll
Performance Heat pump
Heat output at B0/W35(1) kW 60
Power consumption  kW 14.6
Performance factor   4.11
Hot side volume flow(3) m3/h 10.4
Cold side volume flow(4) m3/h 10.2
Heat output at W10/W35(2) kW 77
Power consumption  kW 14.9
Performance factor   5.17
Hot side volume flow m3/h 13.4
Cold side volume flow m3/h 13.6
Process medium   Brine made from water with 33Vol.% ethylene glycol
Power Type Triple phase
Sound power level dB(A) 52
(1)B0/W35=Brine water inlet temperature 0℃,heating flow 35℃
(2)W10/W35=Well water inlet temperature 10℃,heating flow 35℃
(3)Heating flow for 5K temperature span
(4)Heat source flow for 4K temperature span
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