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Heat pump is a device that uses a small amount of energy to move heat from one location to another, rather than burn fuel to create it.


Heat pumps


A heat pump heating system includes the heat source system, the heat pump itself and the heat distribution system .

Within the closed circuit of the heat pump, the refrigerant is responsible for transferring and transporting the heat.

When liquid refrigerant goes into heat pump's evaporator , it will absorbs energy from heat source system , boils and evaporates even extremely low temperatures .

In compressor,gas refrigerant is compressed, the pressure increases significantly, thus also increasing the temperature of the refrigerant.

The hot refrigerant continues to flow to the condenser-a heat exchanger in which the recovered environmental heat is transferred to the heat distribution system .

Thanks to a condensing process, the refrigerant now returns to liquid state and, after the expansion valve has caused a reduction in pressure and temperature, it can reabsorb heat from the environment, and the cycle starts from the beginning.

Heat pump is an innovative heating way with Zero pollution, more safety,high efficiency compared with Oil and gas . COP is more than 4.0 which means you will got 4KWH heating, but only consume 1KWH electronic energy .

HISEER Heat pump is widely used to provide heating ,cooling as well as domestic hot water for house, hotel ,office , hospital etc.

HISEER heat pumps have CE, IS09001,TUV certification.