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How to calculate the buffer tank capacity?[ 11-21 15:49 ]
The minimum water volume is 12L/KW.If you install 15KW heat pump, the mini. buffer tank capacity is equal to 12*15=180L.There is no limit for the maximum, to some extent, the larger, the better.
Why the parameter could not make change?[ 11-21 15:49 ]
HISEER heat pumps adopt with Siemens controller.When the heat pump is running, it is dangerous to change some of the key running data or change something by mistake.
What is the advantage of changeable temperature control ?[ 11-21 15:49 ]
HISEER heat pumps adopt with Siemens or Carel controller.There are fixed temperature control and changeable temperature control.When SF04=1, the heat pump will be controlled by outdoor temperature, indoor temperature and the heating compensation coefficient curve factor. Any of the 3 factors changes, the control temperature will verify accordingly.
Why a buffer tank is required ?[ 11-21 15:48 ]
A buffer tank is recommended to ensure a trouble free heat pump operation.When a buffer tank is installed, the heating or cooling system will absorb energy from the buffer tank first to save energy consumption.
Why water flow alarm usually blinks for newly installed heat pump?[ 11-21 15:47 ]
For newly installed heat pump, if there is air in the heat pump system, water flow alarm will usually blink, the heat pump could not be started.Totally vacuum the heat pump and the water flow volume reach the standard requirement, the water flow alarm will disappear.
Why there is no hot water for my heat pump?[ 11-21 15:44 ]
HISEER heat pumps adopt with Siemens or Carel controller.The hot water function is controlled by hot water switch (A1-A2).When hot water switch A1-A2 is bridged, the hot water function is activated.
Why the heat pump (triple phase) could not be started after B1-B2 is bridged ?[ 11-21 15:44 ]
HISEER heat pump with triple phase adopt with a phase protector, if the phase is not correctly connected, the heat pump could not be started.The correct three phase connection is as follows:
Why the heat pump could not be started after installation?[ 11-21 15:42 ]
HISEER heat pumps adopt with Siemens or Carel controller.When SF14=0, the heat pump will be ON/OFF by A/C switch (B1-B2).The heat pump will be started when B1-B2 is bridged.The heat pump will be stopped when B1-B2 is disconnected.
Do room air conditioners dehumidify?[ 10-19 11:15 ]
All air conditioners take moisture out of the air but they are not considered a dehumidifier on their own. We do sell individual dehumidifiers.
Do all air conditioners come with sleeves?[ 10-19 11:11 ]
Simply put, a Heat Strip is an air conditioner that uses an electric heat strip for heating needs. A Heat Pump is an air conditoner that has a reversing valve; instead of the heat coming out of the back, the reversing valve reverses the cycle so the heat comes out of the front, making your air conditioner a heater.
How to troubleshoot an air condicitioning?[ 10-18 20:11 ]
Every time you use this product you will save at least $150 and likely much more guaranteed by knowing how to penetrate the seemingly overwhelming world of mechanical and electrical devices housed in your air conditioner.
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