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What is ErP?

ErP is short for Energy-related Products.

The ErP Directive is due to be implemented in September 2015. It consists of new regulations to help the EU achieve its 20-20-20 target to reduce energy use by 20 percent and increase the share of renewable energies by 20 percent by 2020.

To be ready in 2020

Reduce energy consumption -20%

Increase renewable energy +20%

Reduce fossil gas -20%

ErP heat pump performance

SCOP (SPF)—according to EN14825

ErP Directive products range

ErP will eventually affect all products that have an impact on energy during use, so boilers, water heaters and renewables will all be covered. In terms of boilers, the scope of ErP includes all domestic and commercial products with an output lower than 400kW.

Which countries will apply to ErP Directive?

It will apply to all 30 countries in the European Economic Area, and will be applied in the same way at the same time. It is likely to have a major impact in many European markets, products that fail to meet the requirement will essentially be banned.


ErP energy label:



The following information shall be included in the label:

I. supplier's name or trade mark;

II. supplier's model identifier;

III. the space heating function for low-temperature application;

IV. the seasonal space heating energy efficiency class under average climate conditions,

V. the rated heat output

VI. European temperature map displaying three indicative temperature zones;

ErP energy label


ErP heat pump Seasonal space heating energy efficiency classes is an important part of the Energy Labelling. And Hiseer is quick to move and work with TUV to make the first ErP certificate for air to water ErP heat pump (AS10H,AS15H) A++ and brine to water ErP heat pump (GS10H,GS13H) A+++ in China.


HISEER Erp heat pumps:



HISEER ErP air source heat pump AS15H


HISEER ErP geothermal heat pump GS10H


ERP heat pump  ERP heat pump