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ErP heat pump energy labelling

Categories: Hiseer newsRelease time: 2015-04-01 16:37:00
Source: Hiseer Air ConditioningEditor: Hiseer Author: Hiseer

Energy labelling and the provision of supplementary product information is required for heat pump space heaters with a rated heat output ≤ 70 kW. It will be compulsory after September 2015.

For manufacturers, manufacturers will be responsible for providing the Energy Label and product fiche on products.

For dealers, dealers of space heaters shall ensure that: each space heater bears the label provided by suppliers. The details of the label must be taken into consideration in any advertising or technical documentation.

For installers, installers will be responsible for providing the Energy Labelling for a system, and will have to learn how to calculate a system efficiency figure, based on the different components of the system i.e. boiler, heat pump, controls etc. The system efficiency figure must then be added onto the 'package label' to complete the installation.
Installers will only be able to buy and install ErP compliant products that will make the overall system more efficient. They will need to know what they can and cannot legally install and help the end user understand what their choices are.

Hiseer ErP air source heat pump AS10H,AS15H, Ground source heat pump GS10H,GS15H are following the energy labelling requirement according to different European Directives.

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